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We discuss the implications and differences between State and Federal citizenship. Find out if this is Myth or Fact. Get more details about the next State Citizenship Class BELOW.

State Citizen Rights vs. U.S. (14th Amendment, federal) citizen Enslavement

A Foundational Freedom Class

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The Value of Passport as a State Citizen

If you can’t make this next live class you can request to attend the Next ONLINE CLASS: THERE ARE LIMITED SPACES AVAILABLE. Register for the Online Seminar TODAY!

At the end of the class we will include a segment called “A Path to Sovereignty” and will address how you might secure yourself from State, Local and Federal governments. If you would like to host or take this class in your local area, just contact me and we’ll arrange the details.

This class will Cover such topics as:

The Social Security Administration – Adhesion Contract and/or Fraud
State Driver’s Licenses and how to maintain State Citizenship
Can I vote without giving up my State Citizenship?
Passports and why they’re important to obtain and to Demonstrate State Citizenship
The Internal Revenue Service and what connects you to this Agency?
What is a State Apostille and why does it help Secure my State Citizenship?
Who should I contact with my “Declaration of Independence”?
Is your Land Patent really secure if you are a U.S. (Federal) citizen?
Once you have a Land Patent, How do you apply your Sovereignty to it?
This class provides an excellent foundation for living as a Sovereign. With this class, you’ll have a foundation behind properly applying for a united States Passport as a State Citizen
without becoming a Federal citizen (U.S. citizen).

If you’re looking to secure your Land and Property you’ll need to learn how the Federal government has gained access to your property even if you have a Land Patent. Your Land Patent will NOT be allodial until YOU and your land have been properly declared. Its impossible to have secured Land while the Land Owner is still subject, regulated and controlled by any government.

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The purpose of this workshop is not to give you a civics lecture explaining your civic duties in this country, but a foundation to realizing your sovereignty and State Citizenship and how you may have compromised it unknowingly.

This workshop is about JURISDICTION. You may not realize that Who You Are, Where You Live, Where You Work and What Kind of Work You Say You Do, either puts you under the Federal or State government’s jurisdiction or keeps you Free from their regulation and control. Find out why that is…

So why should anyone participate in an event like this?

1. If you have a passion for actually being Free from Federal Jurisdiction and Regulation, then this information will be vital to your life. Find out Why.
2. In this class I will show you a real “ MATRIX ”. One that most people don’t realize exists and when I show it to you it will amaze you. You’ll know whether you’ll want to take the “RED PILL” and unplug from Federal Jurisdiction.
3. In the life of a Free American, did you know that being a U.S. citizen is NOT necessarily a good thing check this out… This class will show you how to stay out of the Fed’s Regulation and Control.
4. Did you know that you can obtain a United States of America passport without being a U.S. citizen or providing a Social Security number? Find out how and why.
5. In this class, I’ll show you the “law” that unfortunately requires most Americans to file and pay Federal Income Taxes. Find out why and how you won’t have to.
6. Find out that the Citizenship you are claiming may have Benefits or real Consequences.
7. Did you know that an IRS prosecutor had Elaine Brown’s passport application in the courtroom and was asking her why, when traveling abroad, she WAS a U.S. citizen, but when it came to paying her taxes, she was NOT a U.S. citizen? I was there; I’ll explain why the IRS was asking her that question.
8. Did you know that what you state on your real estate transactions could put you into the “Federal Zone”… and require you to pay income taxes on the sale of your property? Learn out how and why, and what to do about it.

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