Weekly Conference Call & LOCAL Freedom Fellowships

Now you can REQUEST to join the Freedom Fellowship live on a conference Call Sunday Nights 8:00 PM (EST) This talk will be 1+ Hours and will cover the usual State Citizenship topics and current events.
Some of the topics may include the following:

  • Learn How to Become Responsible and Free
  • Establish you State Citizenship through you Passport process
  • Find Out How You Can Become Debt Free
  • End IRS Abuse
  • Learn How To Effectively Deal with Local, State and Federal Governments
  • Court Problems? Get Answers
  • Learn How to Secure Your RIGHTS and Freedoms

Watch our emails for the current weekly topic.
These will be a practical talk about the uses and differences you may see when dealing with bureaucrats and politicians in your local area as a State Citizen.

Having Trouble with your Government? Join us in Franklin, New Hampshire

A Freedom Fellowship

Franklin Freedom Meetup

Franklin, NH
33 Freedom Lovers

This is an opportunity to learn about securing your Liberty and Freedom. If you’re having trouble with your State, Federal and Local government… come and see what you can do…

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It’s Free and Open to Everyone AND Nothing to Join

For More Information Call: Christopher 603-671-7013

If you are having trouble with you public servant or elected official, you might want to attend a local Freedom Fellowship.

For more information on Fellowships in LOCATIONS: Franklin or Hill, New Hampshire Just contact us. 603-671-7013

Discuss with us the implications and differences between State and Federal citizenship. Find out if this is Myth or Fact. Get more details about the upcoming State Citizenship Class. Come and join us in this discussion about securing your Liberty and Freedom without the federal government. Learn about the differences between a Right and a privilege. Get a better understanding of Sovereignty and register for the next class today.

Call Christopher today, if you plan to attend or want more information                              603-671-7013 or E-mail DestinationFreedom@Startmail.com

8 thoughts on “Weekly Conference Call & LOCAL Freedom Fellowships

  1. I looked at this site… Is it yours? Interesting. Why would you say it’s dangerous? How is that going for you? Have you been collecting for a while, now? I help people obtain current passports as State Citizens and not as U.S. (Federal) citizens. Most of the folks I help are doing this for Freedom reasons and wish to stay out of the Federal government’s jurisdiction. I’ve been 100% successful and have classes I teach in the subject. Thanks for posting on my site. Let me know if I can help you in any way. I’ll keep your history work in mind… Oh! do you have passports from America from before 1860? Were there such things then? Thanks, Live Free, Christopher

  2. Hi Christopher,
    I was wondering if you will hold a virtual class, for the many thousands of us that can’t travel?


  3. Sure go to Destination Freedom on Face book.
    Request Friendship and you’ll be there. How did you come by my website?
    What is your interest in Freedom?


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