WORKSHOPS for USA Passports for The State Citizen

One of the best places to begin your Freedom Journey has been establishing your State Citizenship with your United States Passport as a State Citizen.

To Secure the Private Full Passport Assistance

OR you can attend the next Passport Assistance Workshop.

FEBRUARY 26, 2018 6:00 pm (EST)


1.) PREREQUISITE: Attend the ONLINE State Citizenship Class ($100)

2.) Make Payment ($300)    Be sure to make your PayPal payment as Friends and Family and not Goods and Services so you don’t incur the Fees. 

3.) Fill Out, Notarize and Submit to ASL Hold Harmless Agreement: Hold Harmless Agreement For (BLANK) American SupremeLaw and Gronski (w-o US) NH 01-30-2018

4.) Fill out a Workshop Registration Form: Monday, February 26, 2018 6:00-9:00 PM (EST): 

ONLINE State Citizen Passport WORKSHOP Registration 02-26-2018

5.) Be sure to print out this DS-11 for the WORKSHOP. This DS-11 will be your WORKSHEET DS-11 Passport Application 08-31-2019

This Class will assist you in properly filling out your Passport Application (DS-11) as a State Citizen and not a federal citizen. Included will be an Explanatory Statement template to be added to your passport process. We will take the time to discuss many of the details the US State Department allows and disallows in this process.

After you have completed your documents we will have follow up classes that will support you in dealing with the acceptance agents and how to respond to the State Department if and when they deny passport for any reason.

There may be additional costs but they will only be if the State Department interrupts your process in any way. $75 per response.

After you have your Passport book and Card you can do your own (FOIA) request or your can have us do it for you for $125.

We also have a class we offer to give you an excellent background to this process. It’s a foundation, but not the actual private service itself. Email us if you want more information at

or you can call 603-671-7013 and make an appointment to talk about your possibilities.

Chat with you soon!


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Payments in Gold, Silver or Bitcoin may be accepted (Please contact me about that type of transaction)

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Please Call to make Reservation:

Call Christopher today, if you plan to attend or want more information                             603-671-7013 or E-mail   


7 thoughts on “WORKSHOPS for USA Passports for The State Citizen

  1. I currently want to begin researching the issuance of Passports for state Citizens and I stumbled upon your web site.
    I am a California state Citizen. In 1993 I revoked the Power of Attorney on my Socialist Insecurity number, Driver’s License, Birth Certificate and all other government documents. I do not have a Bank Account nor any connection to ANY government agency, and NO…. I do NOT live in a Cave, or a Cabin in the woods. I live in Orange County California, down the Street from Mickey Mouse in Anaheim.
    Of course I have received numerous Traffic Tickets over the years, but when I go into court and make my Jurisdictional Arguments (based solely on my status of state Citizenship i.e. Jurisdiction In persona) I have never lost. I have successfully fought more than 57 traffic counts (I actually lost count.) Also, because of my research I had 19 Parking Tickets dismissed base upon Procedural Jurisdiction, and the following year the state legislature was forced to change the way Parking Tickets were processed. The government is still processing them improperly, but that is another argument for another day.
    I currently have many hours to devote to this research, and hope you have some information to share. I have filed for injunctive relief pursuant to the OBAMA HEALTH CARE PLAN naming more than 30 agencies of the federal government based upon personam jurisdiction and I feel that researching the Passport “Laws” will be quite helpful.
    Thank you,
    Kelly 🙂

  2. Im interested in applying for a passport as a california resident and not us citizen..can you direct me please?

  3. I found your website after I sent an email to you regarding the state citizen; Michigan has been a hassle to get anything done properly.
    Thank-you for your time.

  4. Try this one Kelly, short and to the point USC 42 Sec 18115 Should be your remedy for Obummer care. To my knowledge, it hasn’t been repealed. Hope this helps, but if you have revoked power of attorney, why would you need to file injunctive relief from Obummer’s health care scam?

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